Online radiation monitoring system for national nuclear regulator (NNR)

Nineteen sites around South Africa are being monitored for radiation through an online radiation monitoring system developed as a custom Internet of Things (IoT) solution by the CSIR under a contract from the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) and consequently deployed at the NNR. The solution consists of radiation sensing technology at the 19 sites powered through solar panels which have been installed on purpose-built towers with tamper protection and detection and is connected through a wide area communications system that communicates to a backend IoT middleware platform hosted at the NNR premises to securely manage the connections, store the data, and make it available for processing. The IoT platform also remotely manages the sites and performs diagnostics and upgrades on each site. A user experience application connected to the IoT platform then displays the data on a dashboard and map and processes radiation data to determine the isotopes and danger thresholds and issues alerts to the relevant stakeholders.


Sherrin John Isaac - Research Group Leader:  Advanced IoT (AIOT)

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John Isaac

NNR ORMS system diagram