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The CSIR is equipped for world-class innovation. The organisation recognises that scientific infrastructure is key in scientific discovery and producing solutions for industry and society. Scientific infrastructure includes laboratories, testing facilities, scientific instruments and equipment, clean rooms and pilot plants needed for research and technological innovation.

Collaboration between the research sector, industry and government results in the shared use of the infrastructure and helps build bridges that benefit the country.

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The CSIR microfluidic facility enables researchers to quickly design, prototype and quantify microfluidic devices that cater for the flow of liquids in channels of micrometre size. It includes a biological safety level 2 laboratory that allows for samples, such as bacteria and blood, to be handled in the development of microfluidic devices for point-of-care diagnostics for the health industry.

The electro-acoustic underwater test facility at the CSIR is used to test underwater sonar transmitters, receivers and arrays.

To investigate the behaviour and interaction of chemical contaminants in water resources with aquatic biota. 

The CSIR develops and customises laser-based technologies to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of numerous industry players.