#DidYouKnow that the CSIR touches lives through innovation, across multiple industries?

Touching lives through innovation – A selection of technologies that demonstrate the CSIR’s innovation prowess, collaborative approach, and agility to developing technologies and solutions in support of industrialisation and a capable state.

#DidYouKnow that the CSIR has been touching lives through innovation for the last 76 years? With a research, development and innovation track record that has put African science at the forefront of world-class innovation, this campaign represents a selection of recent technologies and capabilities that demonstrate the role of the CSIR in touching lives through innovation.

The CSIR’s positive impact and contributions to socioeconomic transformation highlight the important role of science and technology in society. Stakeholders, funders, partners and members of the public are invited to engage with the content on this platform. Contact forms are provided, and interested parties are encouraged to schedule a consultation where our experts will gain an understanding of your specific challenges to determine potential long-term solutions.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Quality and Reliability Testing Facility

Did you know that the CSIR can accelerate the environmental stress that a photovoltaic module (such as that used in a solar panel) will undergo in South African conditions to tell within three months what its performance will be over 25 years?
Meerkat surveillance

Meerkat wide-area surveillance system

Did you know that the CSIR has developed an innovative surveillance system that detects and localises moving targets over large areas?

COVID-19 response with locally developed ventilator

Did you know that the CSIR-developed ventilator was digitally designed, developed and distributed in record time – to touch lives through innovation when the Covid19 pandemic hit South Africa in March 2020?

SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic PCR test kit

Did you know that the CSIR, in collaboration with CapeBio, developed a single-step Covid19 diagnostic assay to reduce the turnaround time of tests and assist in managing and monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus?

Secure Identity Framework

Did you know that CSIR researchers, working with the Department of Home Affairs, developed the new ID card that has seven security features?
CSIR Drone Technology

Enhancing crop management, using drones

The system utilizes earth observation, climate change modelling, big data, and data analytics to support decision making in land-use planning, to predict yields and inform markets, and to monitor pests and diseases.