Green economy solutions for the City of Joburg

Project Status: 

The CSIR is working closely with the City of Johannesburg in establishing low-carbon development zones with waste to energy and renewable-energy powered mass transport systems.

The City of Joburg is seeking green economy development opportunities to realise a sustainable city. This demands more than an incremental approach to developing domain-specific solutions for individual land-parcels. It requires the consideration of economic viability, ecological protection and social equity; and calls for integrative, trans-disciplinary, and multidisciplinary research and technology innovation to align the relevant specialist expertise towards a common goal.

The CSIR in partnership with the City of Joburg are engaged in a four stage journey of discovery, development and implementation. A CSIR research team is determining innovative solutions for the city’s marginalised land, with a focus on low-carbon development zones for waste to energy and renewable-energy powered mass transport.

Thus far the research and development has linked previously unusable marginal land characteristics with green economic development opportunities and technologies. One of the recommendations is a flagship project focusing on biomass to biogas development on marginal land to provide fuel for the city’s dual fuel public transport system. 


City of Joburg


City of Joburg

Contact Person

Dr William Stafford

Key Concept

The green economy: The green economy aims to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities and for sustainable development without degrading the environment.