Andrew Cyrus Smith

CSIR senior researcher

Smith’s research interest is the development of inclusive user interfaces for the Internet of Things.

Full Profile

Smith is a senior researcher focusing on the Internet of Things. After completing a Bachelor degree in electronic engineering at the University of Pretoria, he studied for a Master’s degree on speech signal encoding algorithms. In 1997 he joined the CSIR as a development engineer and later as a project manager. He conducted research on the application of information and communications technology in education.

Expertise: Human computer interaction

Academic qualifications: 
  • PhD (Computer Science), University of South Africa, 2017
  • Certificate (Computer Networks), University of South Africa, 2000
  • Certificate (Web Security), Rand Afrikaans University, 2000
  • Certificate (Information Security), Rand Afrikaans University, 1999
  • Diploma (Datametrics), University of South Africa, 1994
  • MEng (Electronic Engineering), University of Pretoria, 1988
  • BEng (Electronic Engineering), University of Pretoria, 1985


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Andrew Cyrus Smith