Assessing the vulnerability of Eskom’s coal supply chain due to climate change and extreme weather events

Project Status: 

The study considered the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events, which impact on coal supply to power stations. A spatially-disaggregated assessment of the vulnerabilities of South Africa’s existing and potential coal supply chain to disruptions by projected changes in chronic and acute weather events was conducted.

An initial estimate of the potential severity and probability for disruptions in coal supply to Eskom’s coal-fired power stations was compared to current levels of weather-related incidences. This assessment entailed the consideration of, amongst others, remaining life of the mine, mining method, coal beneficiation practices, water balance management practices, discard and environmental rehabilitation management practices, transport methods and capacities and indirect consequences of disruptions in global coal supply chains.





Contact Person

Dr William Stafford

Key Concept

Vulnerability assessment
A vulnerability assessment is a process that defines, identifies and classifies vulnerabilities.

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