Benita de Wet

CSIR senior researcher

De Wet’s key competencies are integrated development planning, strategic environmental and sustainability assessment, facilitating the development of sustainability thinking and prospective planning for sustainability, and the integration of learning and information into transdisciplinary research, development and planning processes.

Full Profile

De Wet holds an MPhil in sustainable development planning and management, specialising in sustainable agriculture. She has a particular interest in the integration of different forms and sources of knowledge into development planning and using social co-learning for collaborative planning of sustainable futures. De Wet has worked within most economic sectors, including transport, services supply, mining, agriculture, tourism, industry as well as corporate business. In recent years, De Wet’s  research focused on mechanisms to integrate  sustainability thinking into development planning, including the fostering of social co-learning to encourage uptake.

Expertise: Sustainability science, planning for sustainability

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc Hons (Geography and Environmental Studies), University of the Witwatersrand, 1987
  • MPhil (Sustainable Development Planning and Management), Stellenbosch University, 2007


Contact Person

Benita de Wet