The CSIR pursues impact in nine clusters. The clusters are technology industry convergences that represent the CSIR’s strategic focus, having been selected based on considerations of national priorities, the fourth industrial revolution and potential for socioeconomic impact.

  • Future production: Chemicals

    Improving the competitiveness of chemical industries through innovation in bio (chemical) conversion, pharmaceuticals and advanced materials.

  • Future production: Manufacturing

    Strengthening manufacturing and assembly, facilitating supply chain integration and improving the production and processing line by leveraging technological advances and supporting Industry 4.0 readiness.

  • SMART Places

    Achieving smarter resource use (energy, water, climate change and environment), infrastructure and service delivery through transformative technologies.

  • Defence and security

    Strengthening capabilities in defence, civil security and cybersecurity through advanced technologies.

  • Future production: Mining

    Supporting the growth and revitalisation of the mining industry through innovation for process, equipment and health and safety improvement.


  • Advanced Agriculture and Food

    Strengthening the agricultural industry and associated agro-processing value chains through advanced technology and predictive science-based tools.

  • NextGen Enterprises and Institutions

    Transitioning South Africa’s institutions into a digitalised era.

  • NextGen Health

    Driving a local healthcare industry and improving health outcomes through synthetic biology and advances in digital, diagnostic and treatment technologies.

  • Smart Mobility

    Enhancing the efficiency and safety of transport and logistics infrastructure and operations in support of a competitive economy.