Cost savings on component manufacturing using metal injection moulding technology

Metal injection moulding is a cost-effective technology for the high-volume production of intricately shaped components, such as alloy steels.

The CSIR has undertaken work across the entire metal injection moulding value chain to produce a variety of feedstocks for a wide range of alloys, plus the design of advanced tooling, as well as the optimisation of the production of densely sintered metal parts at high-temperature tolerances.

The CSIR metal injection moulding technology has been successfully demonstrated for various materials, including titanium and titanium alloys, copper, and various stainless steels grades. The capabilities at the CSIR can assist clients with custom designs from conceptualisation through to product qualification. The technology is particularly popular in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, leisure, telecommunications and medical industries. An important benefit is the cost saving when compared to traditional processes, as there is less wastage of raw materials.

The CSIR advanced materials and engineering team is in the process of reconfiguring and optimising its existing metal injection moulding capabilities and infrastructure into a new industrial products development facility to provide ongoing innovation in the development and production of components. The team is also participating in the Department of Science and Innovation’s initiatives aimed at addressing South Africa’s re-industrialisation and beneficiation prospects.

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Dr Miemie Maminza