CSIR microbiome mapping initiative

Project Status: 

This project is based on the investigation of human microbiome in the South African population and using this to quantify/describe the specific microbiomes present in South Africans. This project aims to create a national digital platform for the analysis of the human microbiomes present and develop health models for predicting health outcomes and solutions.

This is also a part of the development of a national digital platform to create personally tailored treatment outcomes and health solutions.

For more information on the CSIR microbiome mapping initiative (CMMI) please see the project microsite.

Jerolen Naidoo

Contact Person

Dr Jerolen Naidoo

Key Concept

The microbiome mapping initiative
The microbiome mapping initiative is a first in SA for establising the baseline gut profile of our population as it relates to human health and disease risks unique to the South African context.

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