Developing and enhancing CSIR geophysics capabilities

Project Status: 

The project aims to develop and enhance the CSIR’s existing geophysics capabilities to allow for an increased capability and offering in applied mining geophysics and the emerging field of hydrogeophysics.

The CSIR’s geophysics capability is based on a number of versatile high-resolution imaging methods or geophysical ‘tools’, namely ground penetrating radar, borehole radar, electrical resistance and induced polarisation tomography and radio imaging. The CSIR’s geophysics toolbox also includes a laboratory rock property analysis capability (spectral complex resistivity and radar property analyses). These geophysical tools are not only applicable to mining or exploration-related problems, but can also be used in groundwater, environmental and civil engineering investigations.

To derive maximum benefit from applied mining geophysics – and to develop the CSIR’s hydrogeophysics capability – it is essential to stay abreast of advances in the associated aspects of these fields. A number of strategic focus areas for the various methods and application fields have been identified that require short- to medium-term research and development. The project’s activities have been designed to address these focus areas.



Contact Person

Dr Michael van Schoor

Key Concept

Geophysical imaging
Geophysical imaging enables earth scientists to ‘see’ into the rock/ground in a noninvasive and non-destructive manner – analogous to medical radiology – to detect and characterise unseen, buried geological and man-made targets of interest.