Dr Daria Rutkowska

CSIR senior researcher

Rutkowska’s research interest lies in the development of novel veterinary vaccines and diagnostics using transient plant and mammalian expression systems.

Full Profile

Rutkowska holds a PhD degree in molecular genetics from the University of Pretoria. She joined the CSIR in 2012 and has progressed into the role of senior researcher, developing novel veterinary vaccines and diagnostic product components. She has authored and co-authored a number of peer-reviewed publications, most recently on plant-expressed chimeric virus-like particles as safe and novel vaccines for African horse sickness and Bluetongue diseases.

Expertise: Vaccine development

Academic qualifications: 
  • PhD (Molecular Genetics), University of Pretoria, 2012
  • MSc (Genetics) (with distinction), University of Pretoria, 2003
  • BSc (Genetics) (Hons), University of Pretoria, 2000
  • BSc (Microbiology), University of Pretoria, 1999


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Dr Daria Rutkowska