Dr Evison Kapangaziwiri

CSIR senior researcher

Kapangazwiri is a surface water hydrologist with over 15 years’ professional experience in diverse aspects of catchment hydrology, in particular hydrological and systems modelling in diverse basins in southern Africa.

Full Profile

Kapangaziwiri holds a PhD in hydrology from Rhodes University. His key competencies are in hydrological and systems modelling, uncertainty analysis in water resources assessments, integrated water resources management and operational hydrology, including the acquisition, processing and analysis and archiving of hydrological data.

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc Gen (Mathematics & Geography), University of Zimbabwe, 1994
  • BSc Hons (Geography), University of Zimbabwe, 2000
  • MSc (Hydrology), Rhodes University, 2007
  • PhD (Hydrology), Rhodes University, 2010


Contact Person

Dr Evison Kapangaziwiri