Dr Ilse du Preez

CSIR senior researcher

Du Preez has research interests in cellular and molecular biology, cell culture, vaccine development and the quality of water as a precious resource.

Full Profile

Du Preez holds a PhD in physiology from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She joined the CSIR in 2009 and was appointed as a senior researcher in the polymers and composites research group in 2012. Her current projects include the development of a two-step system for the removal of toxins and control of cyanobacteria growth in important bodies of water; the development of a novel formulations platform for veterinary biopharmaceuticals; a malaria demonstrator and involvement in investigations into nanotoxicity and its possible impact on people and the environment.

Expertise: Cellular and molecular biology; Vaccine development; Proteomics; Metabolism; Biotechnology; Cell/gene manipulation; Materials science (electrospinning).


Contact Person

Dr IIse du Preez