Dr Lusisizwe Kwezi

CSIR senior researcher

Kwezi’s main research interests are in the combined fields of applied biochemistry and enzymology, structural biology and in recombinant production of enzymes for industrial applications, including reagent enzymes for use as molecular biology tools. Kwezi’s research interests also include the production of vaccines, antibodies and biosimilars through the use of plant-based expression systems.

Full Profile

Kwezi holds a PhD in biotechnology, with a focus on plant biotechnology, proteomics, cell signalling and molecular biology. He joined the CSIR in 2014 and is a senior researcher with the primary focus of his research in biopharming of HIV neutralising antibodies for potential use as a post exposure HIV prophylaxis. Through employing biopharming as a production platform, Kwezi is also investigating the production of biosimilar antibody vaccine and other therapeutic antibodies and proteins for the production of therapeutic proteins/antibodies.  

Expertise: Plant biotechnology; Proteomics; Biomarkers; Biosimilars; Biopharming; Therapeutic antibodies/proteins; Protein biochemistry; Enzymology  

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc, University of the Western Cape, 2007
  • BSc (Honours), University of the Western Cape, 2008
  • PhD, University of the Western Cape, 2011

Contact Person

Dr Lusisizwe Kwezi