Electronic Countermeasure Training Tool

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The infrared (IR) missile is an ever-evolving threat that requires continuous advancement in countermeasure development to ensure the protection of airborne platforms, such as aircraft. This necessitates a proper understanding of the effects of countermeasures against different threats. As a result of this need, the CSIR has developed the ECM trainer, which provides training on the engagement between a missile and a protected aircraft, as well as the effects of using different countermeasures to protect the aircraft.

The ECM trainer is a simulation tool that allows the user to select specific scenario parameters for the evaluation of aircraft vulnerability against selected IR missiles. The simulation tool has fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter and fighter aircraft models. The available IR missile threat models are air-to-air missiles, amplitude modulation (AM) reticle, and frequency modulation (FM) reticle-based missiles. The available infrared countermeasure (IRCM) models include the magnesium teflon viton flare and the new generation flare. During simulation, the missile can be launched from various ranges and aspect angles towards a moving aircraft. The simulation model flies the missile and activates the aircraft IRCM systems. The tool also shows the effects of using manoeuvring as a protection measure to deter an approaching missile.

The ECM trainer allows the analysis of results through the use of a 3D viewer, which allows the user to step through the engagement scenario. The 3D viewer allows the user to perceive the field of view (FOV) of the missile and observe when flares enter and exit the FOV. The user can also analyse the engagement by observing the 3D trajectory plots. These plots illustrate how the different objects (i.e. aircraft, missile, flare) moved through time. The trainer also provides the user with IR videos to show what the missile seeker observed during the engagement. These are useful because platform signatures are different and it is often necessary to perform post-simulation analysis to ascertain the reason that a missile ignored a flare in case of a hit. The last analysis tools available in the trainer are the signal processing graphs. The graphs provide the signal processing of the gimbal, the detector signal, the Line of Sight rate, etc. These can be used to identify the effects of IRCM that are effective against a particular missile and those that are not.

A copy of the Expression of Interest is available for parties that are interested in participating in further development of the technology.

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Edwin Magidimisha

Key Concept

Electronic counter measures
ECMs are a means of deceiving or confusing an approaching missile for the purpose of protecting a valuable asset. The key to effective countermeasures lies in a good understanding of what an approaching missile observes during an engagement, and this understanding can be gained through the use of the ECM trainer.