Environmental management services

The CSIR has sound expertise in environmental assessment and management, with more than 27 years of experience in environmental assessment and management and having conducted studies in more than 20 countries in Africa –  in particular in southern Africa and west Africa.  

The CSIR environmental management services group assists in ensuring the sustainability of projects, plans or programmes, in terms of environmental and socio-economic criteria, by providing a range of environmental services that can be applied at a strategic regional level or site-specific scale. The group provides these services to government, international agencies, the private sector, as well as non-government organisations in South Africa and other African countries.

The CSIR specialises in conducting complex environmental studies in challenging environments, as well as environmental studies for emerging and innovative technologies, drawing on research and applied scientific expertise within the organisation. The group conducts research into incorporating systems thinking tools into the practice of impact assessment.


The CSIR team comprises professionally registered natural scientists and environmental assessment practitioners. The group has experience in successfully managing large, complex environmental studies, many of which required extensive stakeholder engagement, and the coordination and integration of specialist studies across the spheres of the biophysical, social and economic components of the environment.

Key sectors of the group’s work include renewable energy, infrastructure, natural resource management, mining, water, aquaculture, industrial development, and oil and gas. Environmental assessments are conducted in accordance with national legal requirements, as well as those of international agencies, such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and the World Health Organization.

Core competencies include:

  • Strategic environmental assessment;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Environmental screening studies;
  • Applying systems thinking in impact assessment;
  • Sustainability assessment;
  • Indicators and state of the environment;
  • Environmental management plans;
  • Guidelines, skills development and training; and
  • Environmental due diligence.


The CSIR team is passionate about making a positive contribution to the evolution and improvement of environmental assessment in Africa and South Africa. They achieve this through the quality of their services, genuine and committed engagement with all stakeholders, and the application of innovative and scientifically robust approaches. The team is committed to assisting in the growth of a green economy in Africa and especially in South Africa.

The map below illustrates the countries in Africa in which the CSIR has conducted environmental studies.



Figure 1: Countries in Africa in which the CSIR has conducted environmental studies