Gas Turbine

The Umgeni engine is a 1000N thrust class cycle turbojet and is able to provde up to 1.6kW of electrical power and has self start between 15000 - 20000ft. It is currently being designed to exted the trange of the next generation stand-off weapons.



Intellectual Property

Design and manufacturing

Technology Field

Defence, Peace, Safety and Security

Business Opportunity

Technology available for licensing. A partnering opportunity. Design and manufacturing facilities

Technology Description

The Umgeni gas turbine is single stage mixed/diagonal flow compressor with a tandem bladed trasonic diffuser coupled to a reverse flow annular combustor. The turbine section consists of a hybrid configurationaxial nozzle guide vane with a conventional radial-inflow turbine rotor.

Benefits & Advantages

The engine is extremely compact for its class due to the novel configuration, and is ideally suited for integration into stand of weapons or could form the core of a larger turbofan engine, giving it increased application.


Radeshan Moodley, Glen Snedden, Bronwyn Meyers