A green economy project design and implementation framework for agriculture

Project Status: 

The CSIR has developed a green economy project design and implementation framework for the agricultural sector. The framework assists the South Africa agricultural sector to smoothly transition to implementing projects that adhere to the requirements of a green economy. It consists of of two components; the first is a three-step process for identifying, distilling and integrating the issues that are at the core of an agricultural green economy. The second component is a six-step project design and implementation process.

The first three steps of the first component aim to develop an understanding of what a green economy entails, define the objectives of the project and identify the success factors and related actions for the project. The second component aims to develop a monitoring and evaluating plan, to define the project risks and challenges and identify ways to manage them. The framework provides a format for dealing with diverse factors while allowing flexibility for application in specific contexts.

The framework was developed using a case study of small-scale vegetable farming in the Tzaneen Local Municipality, in Limpopo. The aim was to assess opportunities available for rural communities to transition to a green economy founded on small-scale crop-based agriculture in South Africa.

The study revealed that small-scale agriculture is an underutilised asset that could drive the green economy in South Africa and provide the unemployed with an opportunity to participate in the country’s economy. The green economy is a vision that aims to improve people’s lives through sustainable development. Its purpose is to promote economic, environmental and social well-being.



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Dr Constansia Musvoto

Key Concept

Green economy
The green economy aims to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities and for sustainable development without degrading the environment.