The CSIR Internship Programme provides new graduates the opportunity to gain 12 months working experience in a research environment, affording them the opportunity to grow core research skills under the guidance of more experienced professionals.



New graduates in science, engineering and technology fields interested in gaining work experience



A BSc, BEng or BSc Honours degree in Science, Engineering and Technology

Internship covers


Financial support

  • Monthly stipend
  • Informal training (short-courses) through CILLA

Non-financial support

  • Mentorship
  • Working on projects that contribute to the improvement of the lives of South Africans

How to apply


Internship opportunities are advertised throughout the year on www.csir.co.za in the vacancies section.

Contact details For more information on the CSIR internship programme, please email Ncamisile Masuku, on Bursaryprogramme@csir.co.za or call 012 842 7518.
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