Karien Venter

CSIR senior researcher

Venter’s research interests include road safety and traffic management as a multidisciplinary and complex problem, and human factors within the South African road traffic domain. 

Full Profile

Venter is a social researcher with experience in social programme development and evaluation. Since 2008, she has been contributing to multidisciplinary projects within the road safety, traffic management and transport domains. She contributes to the planning and execution of research programmes that aim to make the South African transport system safer, contributing to an overall understanding of the road and traffic management system, its underlying principles, theories and the application of these along with knowledge related to indicators and methods, for monitoring and evaluating programmes and interventions.

Expertise: Road safety and traffic management         

Academic qualifications: 
  • BA (General), University of Pretoria, 1998
  • BA (Honours) (Criminology), University of Pretoria, 2000
  • BA (Honours) (Psychology), University of Pretoria, 2001
  • MA (Civil Eng) (cum laude), University of Stellenbosch, 2014


Contact Person

Karien Venter