Mechanical and rope testing laboratory

The CSIR mechanical testing laboratory, which was established in 1935, houses two of the largest mechanical testing machines in South Africa, which accommodate large-load test specimens such as mine support products, hoisting equipment and lifting gear. Tests are performed in compliance with legislative standards and to promote the general safety of workers in mining, manufacturing and construction.

Its offerings include:

  • Proof load testing within a 10 kN to 15 MN force range;
  • Destructive testing in tension and compression;
  • Load comparison testing/force calibration;
  • Destructive tensile testing of steel wire ropes;
  • Tensile testing of conveyor belt splices; and
  • Rope failure inspections and investigations.

The rope testing laboratory is accredited by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) for compliance with ISO 17025 standard, ensuring testing at international benchmark standards.

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