Metal injection moulding facility

The CSIR has developed a custom metal injection moulding technology platform that can undertake cost-effective mass production of complex near-net-shaped components from fine titanium powder and related metal powders. This technology makes it possible to overcome the geometrical and productivity limitations of traditional production techniques.

The metal injection moulding facility offers a combination of tooling design and manufacturing capabilities in addition to the mass production of a wide range of small metal parts. Outputs have high dimensional accuracy and replication fidelity on a nearly unlimited choice of material, through powder metallurgy. While the existing metals industry is already benefiting from the facility, a future downstream titanium industry is also set to benefit significantly.

Funding for the facility was primarily through the Department of Science and Innovation’s Advanced Metals Initiative and the Titanium Centre of Competence flagship programmes.

The facility is the only one in South Africa to successfully develop in-house methods of fabricating products and custom feedstocks using metal injection moulding. It houses expertise and equipment as part of a one-stop resource for conceptualising, designing and manufacturing complex precision components.

The facility is in the process of acquiring a new industrial-scale metal injection moulding furnace to scale up from a small batch to a mass-production scale.


Contact Person

Dr Robert Tshikhudo