DST-CSIR Nanomaterials Industrial Development Facility

The DST-CSIR Nanomaterials Industrial Development Facility was set up to bridge the gap between bench-scale developments and industry. The scale-up facility forms part of the DST-CSIR National Centre for Nano-structured Materials and supports projects by offering:

  • Flexible and multi-purpose scale-up plants equipped with autoclave reactors, filter press, wet mill, process tanks, rotary dryer and bag house
  • Access to a skilled workforce with the right technological expertise (scientists and engineers trained and experienced in process development and scale up)
  • Technical support in a well-equipped workshop
  • State-of-the-art equipment to characterise products during scale up for rapid process optimisation and quality assurance analysis.

Enhancing the competitiveness of the polymer industry

Call to researchers in industry, academia and science councils who need to develop and test special polyolefin plastics.

The polymer processing facility of the DST-CSIR Nanomaterials Industry Development Facility at the CSIR seeks to enhance the competitiveness of the local polymer industry by providing a pilot- scale platform for new polymeric materials development by offering:

  • Access to skilled researchers, technical expertise and a world-class characterisation facility comprising rheometers, thermal characterisation equipment (DSC, TGA), mechanical testers (Tensile, Impact, DMA), microscopy (TEM, SEM, POM), gas permeability barrier testers, GPC, and FTIR (single or coupled with GC, MS, TGA).
  • 40 L/D co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder; 5-layer blown film extrusion line (25 & 20 mm diameter screws); 5-layer cast sheet extrusion line; 500kN Injection moulding machine

The facility would like to invite industrial entrepreneurs, higher education institutions and other research institutions to partner with us to develop new polymer-based materials which are preferably at a stage beyond synthesis. The preferred materials are presently olefins including: nano-structured composites, multiphase polymer systems, bio-based polymer systems and high-performance composite polymers.

We invite applications from industry, entrepreneurs and public institutions, and the following aspects need to be addressed in the proposal:

  • The goal of the project
  • Clear understanding of the market need being addressed, industry dynamics and description of the competitive environment
  • Technology description, including key features and competitive advantage
  • Cost benefit analysis (budgets, resource requirements, capital budgeting analysis)
  • Project time frame


It should be noted that successful applicants will not receive any funding through this process. Furthermore, resources allocated to projects will be agreed during the selection process.

Please direct all queries to:

Dr Vincent Ojijo (Polymer processing facility manager: + 27 (0) 12 841 3360, vojijo@csir.co.za

Dr Manfred Scriba (Programme manager: + 27 (0) 12 841 4738, mrscriba@csir.co.za

Contact Person

Dr Vincent Ojijo


+27 (12) 841 3360