Passenger transport

The CSIR’s passenger transport research focus is on creating a competitive transport industry and improving safety and access in this industry, as well as localising public transport technologies. The group also focuses on modelling to include the impact of new vehicle network management systems and other technology changes.



  • Developing a smart mobility transport data portal and data management system;
  • Providing optimal bus network designs;
  • Developing intelligent transport systems for enhanced public transport;
  • Mapping the public transport value chain to identify and quantify opportunities for import substitution and adjustments to trade policy;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the transport sector; and
  • Developing a transport-safety research facility.



The transport safety laboratory focuses on the modelling of crash risks from the driver's perspective. It is a living lab that helps to simulate crash risks to facilitate improved management of transport safety. It aims to improve the safety of mobility across all modes of transport by avoiding fatalities, injuries and crashes caused by transport mishaps. Using sensor webs, the transport safety laboratory, a first in South Africa, has the potential to collect transport data (historic and real time) in support of an improved understanding of the elements that contribute to unsafe transport.


Capabilities of the transport safety laboratory

  • Simulation of crashes;
  • Forensically investigate crashes using experimental equipment such as the GPS, data logger and cameras;
  • Proactively collate risk data from data logger
  • Expand and collaborate with existing programmes such as the Smart Truck initiative;
  • Support various regulatory reforms for transport.
Gugu Hlanze
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