Pharmaceutical technologies

The CSIR’s pharmaceutical technologies research group focuses on the development of fully scalable automated end-to-end green production processes and supports import replacement through transformative technology localisation. The group works in a collaborative manner with various local and international partners to provide solutions that can improve the performance of the pharmaceutical industry by making production and processing lines more automated, modular and responsive.

Hybrid process development – The main focus area for the group is on the development of hybrid batch-, flow- and biocatalytic processes for active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) production. Researchers exploit state-of-the-art chemistry, bio-catalysis, continuous flow manufacturing, process engineering and integrated upstream/downstream processing to provide fully scalable green production processes for local deployment.

Smart control and monitoring – Research focuses on the inclusion of in-line, at-line and online analytics, process monitoring and autonomous self-optimisation controls, and integrated data management tools for production process transformation. By aggregating data from multiple sources, researchers are making better use out of digital-physical production systems to minimise the amount of material utilised in the design of a manufacturing process and to evaluate the impact of process on product production.

 The CSIR’s globally competitive translational laboratories are available to partner on the development of API production processes and the application of new technologies. The group hosts the following capabilities:

  • Batch synthesis, biocatalysis and hybrid scale-up,
  • Continuous flow chemistry and reactor engineering,
  • In-line, at-line and online analytics and process monitoring controls, and
  • Techno-economic analysis
Dr Jenny-Lee Panayides