Rethabile Khutlang

CSIR senior researcher

Khutlang is a biomedical and biometrics engineer at the CSIR. His research interests are biological image analysis, array grid-fitting, exemplar and latent fingerprint acquisition and 3D image analysis using optical coherence tomography. His focus is backed by a sound knowledge base in image processing and machine learning.

Full Profile

Khutlang is a senior researcher with a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Cape Town. His experience at the CSIR includes working as a biological and biometrics engineer. Khutlang leads teams working on latent fingerprints, fingerprint analysis software development kits and a biometrics suite platform. He also leads a team using optical coherence tomography to solve problems of everyday fingerprint biometric scanners. 

Academic qualifications: 
  • BSc Hons (Electrical Engineering), University of Cape Town, 2006
  • MSc (Biomedical Engineering), University of Cape Town , 2009
  • Certificate in Medical Physics, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy, 2008
  • Certificate in Project Management, University of Pretoria, 2016

Contact Person

Rethabile Khutlang