Advanced Materials Engineering

The Advanced Materials Engineering (AME) impact area resides within the CSIR Future Production: Manufacturing cluster and comprises three unique research, development and innovation groups:

The impact areas’ core expertise lies in powder metallurgy technologies, advanced casting technologies, as well as design, analysis, and testing. However, it offers a diverse range of related expertise and capabilities geared towards supporting and advancing the South African manufacturing sector.

AME is at the forefront of the advanced materials and manufacturing fields including structural design and analysis, including the advancement of technologies in casting and powder metallurgy. The impact area also oversees the Light Metals Development Network and the Titanium Centre of Competence (TiCoC), both of which are national platforms that facilitate industrialisation initiatives. Along with SANAS-accredited mechanical testing and powder characterisation facilities, these are accessible to stakeholders from industry, partner science councils, higher education institutions, and small to large enterprises at the local and regional levels.

The AME impact area focuses on:

  • Enhancing the global competitiveness of our current aluminum industry, developing national roadmaps (including, but not limited to, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium), and managing SANAS-accredited facilities (ISO/IEC 17025-2017) that are utilised by universities, as well as the public and private sectors.
  • Pioneering cutting-edge technologies that underpin the creation of a new titanium industry, utilizing the TiCoC at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research as a platform for implementation.
  • Establishing top-notch infrastructure for skills development and training through the Centre of Competence Models, launching research and innovation chairs in titanium that facilitate rapid human capital development and innovation platforms, as well as 4IR skills.
  • Assisting small to medium enterprises by launching industry incubation platforms that produce components and systems for various sectors, utilizing pre-existing CSIR-developed technologies.
  • Additionally, the CSIR provides collaborative technical support through focused research and consulting services, identifying funding sources, and fostering relationships between industry and academia.
  • Offering material development, testing and qualification expertise to industry, including the design, development and processing of products for a broad range of industries, i.e., aerospace, manufacturing, mining, medical, chemical, etc.
  • Finite Element Modelling and Analysis expertise geared towards product development, forensic and failure investigations, process development and fundamental research.

The CSIR works across the materials value chain, exploiting 4IR technologies as well as developing advanced materials to provide the local industry with novel and unique offerings and a globally competitive edge.



Dr Robert Tshikhudo, CSIR Advanced Material Engineering

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Advanced material engineering impact area
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Advanced material engineering impact area
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