Laser-enabled manufacturing

The CSIR enables South African manufacturers to stay at the cutting edge of laser technology through laser-based manufacturing. This group of the CSIR National Laser Centre has a diverse and specialised portfolio of laser technologies, such as laser welding, laser hardening, laser shock peening, metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) and a mobile laser refurbishment system for on-site processing applications. 

Over the years, the CSIR has built an impressive track record working with a number of reputable industry players. Each of the research and development partnerships that the CSIR has engaged in has benefitted immensely from the use of laser-based technology solutions to improve the competitiveness of their product lines. These diverse laser technology solutions have the ability to reduce costs, enhance performance, provide opportunities for innovative design and extend the lifespan of equipment in the industrial market.

The CSIR has a footprint that extends across various sectors. However, some of the key markets of interest for this group are the defence, mining, tooling, marine and transport industries.

The laser-based manufacturing group focuses its efforts on research and development and industry, and includes laser engineering services and laser-enabled manufacturing,  through which tailored solutions and products are provided to clients.


Dr Lerato Tshabalala
+27(12)841 4016