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Mandela Mining Precinct showcases better rock drills for uptake by SA mines

The Mandela Mining Precinct (MMP) today displayed two lighter, significantly faster, quieter and more energy-efficient rock drills at its premises in Johannesburg, showcasing new technology that could offer safety in South African mines.

The drills were manufactured by two local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Hydro Power Equipment (HPE) and Novatek, as part of the MMP's industry innovation challenge, the Isidingo Drill Design Challenge.

CSIR continues to invest in research of low-cost wastewater treatment, but calls for additional funding to improve water supply

The deteriorating quality of raw water, coupled with current water shortages, has created an urgent need to protect the country’s water resources and ensure effective water and wastewater management in South Africa. According to the Water and Sanitation Master Plan (DWA, 2019), 56% of the 1 150 municipal wastewater treatment works are in a poor or critical condition, while 11% are dysfunctional. This implies that South Africa’s water resources are negatively impacted and polluted by wastewater that is not properly treated.