Novel lasers

The CSIR novel lasers research group conducts research in novel high-power and high-energy laser systems and laser sources for high-power laser enabled manufacturing. The primary focus is on developing new laser and monitoring technologies for selective laser melting additive manufacturing of both metal and polymer parts.

The group’s capabilities are in:

  • Delivering and positioning of multi-kilowatt laser beams;
  • Beam shaping of high-power laser beams;
  • Compensating for thermo-optical distortions;
  • Research and development of high-power bulk mid-infrared laser sources with wavelengths at 1 µm, 1.3 µm, 1.9 µm, and 2 µm;
  • Designing and developing fibre laser sources at 1 µm and 2 µm; and
  • Designing and developing high-power mid-infrared optical parametric oscillator sources at wavelengths from 3 µm to 8 µm, and at 12 µm.

The group conducts research and development in collaboration with stakeholders across the high-power manufacturing value chain.

The CSIR aims to improve the manufacturing speed, quality, and traceability of final parts for the aerospace and medical industries.