Surveillance and countermeasure systems

The CSIR researches, develops, applies and industrialises technologies in video and image processing, particularly in optical surveillance systems and in infrared electronic warfare including electronic and infrared counter measure systems.


Video and Image processing: Smart security systems

  • Software development, application, integration, testing and deployment.
  • Artificial intelligence applications: Computer vision, machine learning and deep learning systems.
  • Augmented reality - Virtual reality systems (VR-AR).


Infrared electronic warfare: Infrared counter-measures

  • Modeling and simulation.
  • Missile exploitation.
  • Jam code development for seekers.
  • Optical test and evaluation.
  • Counter measures test and evaluation.


Technologies and projects

Physical security applications

  • PixelBox VIP Toolbox.
  • Advanced CCTV video image processing software.
  • Integrated face, body, number plate recognition for access and movement control.

Vehicle based situational awareness

  • See-through armour: Commercial off-the-shelf camera, computer hardware integrated with custom software for threat detection, recognition and tracking. Systems integrated onto Mamba and Ratel South African Army vehicles.
  • Driver behaviour analytics – video image processing.


Modelling and simulation

  • AR-VR training: Gas reducing station.
  • Optronics scene simulation.
  • Electronic counter-measures trainer tool.


Space sensing for disaster management

  • K-line camera for detection of forest fires.
  • Image-based object recognition capabilities integrated into a CSIR-developed platform for situation awareness and collaboration.
Dr Gugulethu Mabuza-Hocquet